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on a journey that will always progress organically,

remaining at peace with the outcome 

Apiarista started like most things: small. First to supply other beekeepers with basic equipment; later incorporating the idea of offering coffee; and eventually creating a fun, educational farm setting.

Sprouting from small steps, the shop was remodelled and re-built in 2016 to start adding some coffee to its services. To ‘grow slow’ was and still is our motto, not rushing ahead. While the coffee side was busy finding its roots, a farmyard slowly evolved, growing from hearts that wanted to give something back to people - an atmosphere and environment for all to enjoy and learn something from. A place where there is no fee to enter, accessible to all; and for the coffee, visitors can even pay what they feel they can afford on the day. Time went by and ideas came together, always learning along the way, ideas that we can’t take the credit for! They are loved and used by our visitors... some free or at a little fee.

Expect to BEE amazed. We don't look around to copy and paste, we patiently wait and humbly create! Apiarista Bee Farm will grow more – but remember, slowly - into much more than what it currently is.

 Come and grow with us... it's a beautiful journey.


Our sales agenda is not your typical consumer sales approach of "we want to sell you everything that you don't need". Instead, we only want to sell you what you need. 

ALL OUR PRODUCE is local and of high quality

When it comes to certain products affordability vs quality are always part of decision-making to have either one or the other or both options. When expanding our product range we take into consideration the need, sustainability and long term effect. We make effort in supporting local, but due to unavailability we also import some products (not produce) that we are happy to source or manufacture locally should the opportunity arise. 


Apiarista is a place where we, the bees and the coffee welcome everyone. Our heart behind this is to bring the people to the farm to make them more aware of how the bees and other farm-related things work. Our hope for visitors is that they may be stirred to become at least a micro-scale producer and more self sustainable by producing some of their own food. We don't keep ourselves busy with highly complicated things and believe that simplicity's reward is more time for yourself and others.


Apiarista is situated on a working farm and homestead, uniquely partly accessible to the public for a real farm experience. It is owner operated with part involvement and the other part is behind the scenes, steering wheel and after hours. Apart from the bees - cattle, sheep, chickens, vegetables, woodwork, mechanical work, maintenance etc. keep things busy at the farm.


Here we believe that you need to be a jack of all trades, master of none or some. Our aim is not self reliance , but rather to become more capable, efficient, skilled, and not be all-out dependent on the failing systems of this "new normal" world.

Thank you for supporting local.

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