We offer some of the finest raw honey from an organic origin. When you buy from us you know what you get: honey straight from a bee farm, unfiltered and unprocessed.

Raw honey is what we do best, please expect nothing less. Everyone can benefit from our ridiculously affordable honey.

Now you know where to find delicious honey straight from the farm.

We hope to see you soon...

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Raw Honey - Hex1.png
Raw Honey - Hex1.png
Raw Honey - Hex1.png
Raw Honey - Hex1.png

Raw honey has been extracted from the comb via spinning the comb in a centrifuge. This then flows to a settling tank where the honey and the wax separate naturally over a few days. Thereafter, the honey goes to a bottling tank from where it is bottled. This is "raw honey". No heating or filtering...you may find pieces of wax and propolis in the honey, plus all the other goodness that goes with raw honey. The extracted comb, which is built into wooden frames, is reused in the hives for the bees to put into action again over the next season.

Organic Origin - we are not "organic certified" and will never be. This would amount to just another cost between farmer and consumer. We do mention, ethically, that most of our honey comes from an organic origin. A very small minority does not - this we do handle separately and label as such. Our honey is also local, most coming from within a 200 km radius around Port Elizabeth from various indigenous rural areas.

Bottled Honey Products


Badgers Gold raw honey - mostly organic origin. Honey is harvested area specific in larger batches but NOT blended after extraction to obtain a uniform taste, texture, colour etc. Therefore each bottle is uniquely different every year and traceable to its packaging date. It is a well-known brand name and has grown to establish a very satisfied and wide spectrum of clients over the years. Available locally and in some neighbouring countries. Read more at www.badgersgold.co.za

Apiarista raw honey - mostly organic origin A "flora-specific" honey, where we state from which flower source the honey comes with a 95% +- accuracy. You will know exactly what type of honey (nectar) you eat. This honey is handled in a much smaller scale and intended for a smaller honey market. Hives are monitored very closely and harvested at precise times to ensure genuine single-floral raw honey, thus also adding a higher cost to it. This honey is traceable to the specific flora source and flowering/harvest time. Sold only from Apiarista and aimed at the single-floral honey lovers. 



The process: Before our extracted raw honey goes to the bottling room, we sell some at a very affordable price as tap honey straight to people that visit our farm. Please see our terms below!


Bring your own clean wide-mouth container (minimum mouth opening at least 50 mm).

No narrow-mouth containers will be filled, no containers will be cleaned !!!

Minimum 500g

WHY ? – It takes time to fill lots of small containers. We don’t fill small containers, you may decant into smaller containers at home.


Maximum 5kg (or 3kg due to low stock) (per person / household per day)

WHY ? – We want to invite the consumer on a journey to the farm and to benefit from the ridiculously low prices we offer. What we don’t want is to sell large amounts and then they are sold in town for normal retail prices or even more. Who benefits then?



We aim to help as many people as realistically possible, inviting the consumer on a journey to the farm and benefit from the effort to come here. What we don’t want is to sell large amounts from the farm and then they are resold for normal retail prices or even more. Who benefits then?...only a few!

Please note: We do sell some raw honey(bottled only) to selected wholesale clients also. Go HERE for more info.


FAQ: Why is your honey so affordable, it is sometimes up to 1/3 of the price of that in retail shops. This saves us anything between R100 and R200 per kg.

Answer: Because you come to the farm and buy straight from us. Our aim is to have any person from all walks of life benefit from this!


When the harvest of a new season start to come in (anytime from October onwards), we will start to calculate how much we can sell. This harvest will basically get divided into:

Tap honey, Bottled honey and some other products (beeswax etc.)


  • For TAP HONEY we will either go straight to our usual limit of 5kg per household per day, or we will go to our alternative limit of 3kg. When the honey we have allocated to be used for tap honey is finished, it is finished. We don’t see this lasting throughout a whole season. Also, we only have one tank from which we sell tap honey, which gets filled up before the shop opens. So if you want to be sure that you get tap honey on the day PLEASE BE EARLY.


  • Almost the same applies for our BOTTLED PRODUCTS. Only a certain amount of bottled honey will be packed out per day to last the whole year.(limited per customer) This is so that throughout the year we can at least help those that only come for a coffee and a jar of honey. But again, if you are not early in the day you might miss out. If the bottled products on the shelf are not all sold during the day, they may be added to the next day’s stock.


So, basically what our policy comes down to is this:

We will have tap honey available each year until the stock is finished, and then we will have the bottled products available spaced out to hopefully last until the next season harvest start to come in. 


If you have signed up at our farm to the email list, we will let you know exactly what is happening regarding honey. Also please remember that we don’t keep stock aside for customers, so if you phone and ask if we have honey we might say yes, but when you arrive an hour or two later it might be gone... The best is just to come early in the day or to send someone else if you can’t come. And if you come early enough we still keep to our offer of a free coffee/tea for our first visitor(up to 2 persons) of the day. (our “Early Bird Reward”).