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We want You and us to have a pleasurable experience and know what to expect.

KINDLY take note of the following:


  • YOU ENTER OUR PROPERTY AT YOUR OWN RISK, this means that we can't be held liable for any injuries, etc.

  • THIS IS NOT A RETAIL SHOP....but an extension of a generous homestead.

  • This property operates on terms (not on others' demands) and the visitor is not always right.

  • No Cash accepted (we don't want to be robbed), ONLY CARD payments. All sales are final.

  • For any barter agreements email us.

  • Opening and closing times are strictly adhered to. If you are late, you are late; if you are too early, please just wait. We have other priorities also.

  • Products sold here are not intended for resale (they are meant for consumers to benefit directly).

  • Thoroughly check the items that you want to buy (before paying), ask about the products and test the equipment! We do not take returns.

  • Our honey is limited; therefore, we have terms and conditions on all sales.

  • Please note that we don't have a recipe for honey (only china has), if we are out of stock...we are out of stock, and there is no need for anyone to be upset about this. (sign up for our special customer emails at our shop to stay informed)

  • If you are unhappy with the level of service, please sort it out with the person helping you. You have a voice, and we don’t have a dedicated complaints department.

  • We are open-minded and allow anyone to suggest anything to us – meaning we really welcome your thoughts! Send us an email or write in our visitors book. Management available by appointment.

  • Electric fences ALWAYS on! Please stay away from them and warn your children.

  • Parking is at your own risk and we do not offer a porter/help-me-carry service to your vehicle.

  • We do not provide shopping bags; please remember to bring your own.

  • Our yard is wheelchair friendly, but not completely flat either.

  • We do not keep any medication on site and if you feel sick, please take others into consideration and use common sense by keeping some distance / washing your hands, etc.

  • No pets or any creatures allowed.

  • Smoking not allowed close to/inside buildings, pathways, entrances, seating areas, toilets and people. Please respect those that don't smoke. Find a place down wind, put your butts in the fire place (not on our lawns).

  • No alcohol allowed on premises.

  • Picnic and braai facilities FREE to use, but please tidy up when you leave.(wood free but limited, we also sell wood)

  • Our yard is family friendly, but kids still need to be supervised at all times by parents/guardians.

  • This is private property, not public property. We have the right to display our own views, opinions, expressions and way of service offered. We cannot cater for everyone's preferences and don't expect anyone to come here if it will inconvenience them.



SOME FAMILY ETHOS Associate with others based on character and not their assets/contacts. Simplistic people that value integrity and honesty above money. Dislike hearsay or talking about things they don't know about. Avoid using vague promises/talk intended to benefit self. Minding their own business and not that of others. Think critically before following the status quo. Quality over quantity has long-term benefits. Not interested in business partnerships. Thoughtful, realistic & open minded. Have to work on their feet. Faith: John 14:6

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