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NUCS "nucleus colonies"



Buying high quality nucs from us is easy and productive. A nuc is simply a new colony that is busy starting out. We supply high standard 5 frame Nucs  with a laying queen. Ready to expand.

Limited availability, order in advance

(max 10 per customer)

Click to order now for 24/25 season

Option 1: Nuc sold in new 10 frame hive

Hive consists of floor board, brood chamber (5 frames bees, 5 frames new), inner lid, and telescopic lid treated with waxol.

Price: R2850.00 each (advisable to buy minimum 2 colonies)

  • Additional hive parts available in store

Option 2: Nuc sold in 5 frame 'use once' hive

Hive consists of 5 frames of bees in a 'use once' hive.

Price: R1895.00 each (advisable to buy minimum 2 colonies)

  • Nucs bought in a 'use once' hive need to be transferred into a 10 frame hive within 2 days (they will need space to expand)

Pickup date / time

September & November

Collections are at the farm after nightfall on selected evenings.

  • Colonies are ready to expand. 

  • We carefully select queens for our nuc colonies.

  • We don't sell bees on old poor condition wax combs.

  • We recommend that you do a bee course before buying bees!!

BE CAREFUL who you buy bees from! Colonies need to be healthy and productive. Quality does make a productive difference and comes at a price!

5 Frames of bees
Healthy brood

Further development of these colonies and production of honey depends on the seasonal conditions.

DON'T use these colonies for commercial pollination services in the first season, they will suffer severely!

Once you are the owner of a colony of bees you need to register with DALRRD every 2 years (Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development).

Established Colonies

Availability May to August - minimum 5 colonies.

Established Colonies (fully built brood chambers) in used bee hives.

5-10 @ R2700 each, including super

11-15 @ R2500 each, including super

16-30 @ R2200 each, including super


Hives in fair condition(not new).

Hives made from wood/ply/chip.

Hives fit standard Langstroth frame sizes.

Hives have laying queens of various ages.

Brood has honey stores.

Click to order 

Availability September to April - sporadic/seldom

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