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Keeping equipment stock year round to supply a service of convenience to the hobby market is costly and low in volume/profit. Bear with us!

Stock fluctuates all the time, prices are subject to change without notice. We do not reserve stock for customers; first come, first served. Phone on the day before you come to ask about stock levels 

All hives are based on Langstroth dimensions. We only sell assembled parts / hives.

All sales directly from farm, not via courier. Card payment only, no cash accepted.

We have a no returns / refund policy. Customers sign for the product he/she is buying to confirm that it is correct and in acceptable condition.

Pictures below might differ from stock on hand.

Our shop and our email responses do not sell "how to do beekeeping", only a short description about the products.

Consulting is not a service we offer, please do not expect us to answer beekeeping questions. The beekeeping course will answer all your questions + much more. Read our FAQ section under 'beekeeping tab' for more commonly asked questions.

*Watch the notice board below for used equipment and stock updates*

to last

A1 Wax sheet R25.00 (max 30 per customer) *no stock"

A2 Floor Board 12mm Ply with 4 Screws (waxol treated) R195.00

A3 Brood Chamber 22mm Pine (waxol treated) R245.00

A4 Super Chamber 22mm Pine (waxol treated) R185.00

A5 Inner lid R120.00

A6 Telescopic Lid 12mm Ply (waxol treated) R195.00

A7 Telescopic Lid Cover (galvanized) R145.00

A8 Hive Stand (galvanized) R275.00

A9 Brood Frame + Wax Strip R30.00

A10 Super Frame + Wax Strip R28.00

A11 Queen Excluder (plastic) R85.00

A12 9 Frame Spacer R10.00

A13 Round Bee Escape (16 ways) R50.00

A14 Frame Wire 500g (stainless steel) R145.00

A15 Eyelets +/- 1000 (copper) R120.00

A16 Entrance Feeder 1 Litre R70.00

will make your day

B1 Hive Tool (stainless steel) R120.00

B2 Smoker (stainless steel) R545.00

B3 Smoker Bellow R160.00

B4 Bee Brush R85.00

B5 Queen Trapper R80.00

B6 Queen Cage R50.00

B7 Grafting Tool R75.00

B8 Frame Cleaner R75.00

B9 Queen Excluder Cleaner R85.00

B10 Wire Embedder R85.00

B11 Frame Grip R135.00

B12 Frame Holder (stainless steel) R195.00

that will get
you​ covered

C1 Full Overall with Veil (economy) R1265.00 *no stock"

C2 Jacket with Veil (economy) R995.00  

C3 Jacket with Veil (pro) R1345.00 (limited) 

C4 Veil only (economy) R485.00 *no stock"

C5 Ventilated Full Overall with Veil (high spec) R2265.00 *out of stock"

C6 Ventilated Buffalo Leather Gloves (high spec) R365.00 *out of stock"

C7 PVC Gloves with extension + Inner R185.00

C8 Leather bee work boots (high spec) R**** *design in progress"


easier than
you think

D1 Manual Extractor 8-12 Super Frames (stainless steel) R6500.00

D2 Uncapping Tray 10 Frames (stainless steel) R1295.00

D3 50 Kg Bottling Tank with Table Stand (stainless steel) R1850.00

D4 Honey Bucket 28Kg R80.00

D5 Bucket Holder R145.00

D6 15Kg Bottling Bucket with Table Stand R475.00

D7 Honey Gate 40mm (plastic) R120.00

D8 Double Strainer (stainless steel) R450.00

D9 Uncapping Fork R85.00

D10 Uncapping Fork with Guide R160.00

D11 Uncapping Roller R120.00

**Complete Hive (special)**

Floor board, Brood & Super chamber with wired frames & wax strips, Inner lid and Telescopic lid
R1425 (max 5 per customer per season) we don't mass produce

Extractors out of stock.

Second hand plastic queen excluders at R20 each.

Second hand hive parts - supers, lids, used frames with strips

Bee Suits low on stock, popular sizes out of stock.

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