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Organic Eggs


Our laying hens are roaming within view and add a peaceful touch to our atmosphere. They have a huge pasture(not dust) where they can find all the extra goodness that make them egg-ceptional. We also supplement them with non GMO chicken food to have a well balanced diet.

Our eggs typically are large to extra large in size and occasionally a jumbo lands in the basket.


We raise our baby chicks indoors until they can keep themselves warm to handle the weather.

Once on pasture they eat a mix of bugs, grass and non GMO food, free of hormones and all the bad things. Our chickens don't grow as fast as those commercially produced and this is where the difference in taste comes in. Our meat is simply exceptional quality!

Once they reach our desired weight (we like them on the big side, less cooking) we send them to an approved slaughter facility. On return we double check the quality, label and freeze them.

At the moment we only sell Whole Frozen Chickens.

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