We are a farming entity with love towards Christ and people. Reliant on the mercy and grace of our Heavenly Father, living a day-by-day life with the in dwelling Spirit at our Creators feet.

Our goals have a common backbone to always set our compass on biblical values; choosing not to take part in any unethical thoughts, talks or activities.

Our True North

We work to run a sustainable farming entity that yield produce, supply services to the commercial industry and lead by the direction of the Holy Spirit that is with us to convey the simplicity and cost of the Gospel.

We are a committed entity standing like soldiers with a straight back and chest out for the Gospel to reflect through us only Gods power and holiness not our own. We journey through life like all other people not excluded from trails and tribulations but know that He has overcome it all and continue in faith to grow into the image of Jesus.

Our rock of salvation "the name who is above every name" JESUS CHRIST the King!!

Dads Garage

The idea started in a place far from home. After trying out various entrepreneurial work while studying I realized that for the non- professional in South Africa you really have to turn those pennies around a few times. Freshly out of studies I made my way to the UK to benefit from the lucrative exchange rate.

Plugged in overseas where the grass was not always that green I worked together with a fellow country man who was saving up some pounds to start bee farming back home. 

After imprisonment on the Island of no sun I returned to the land of milk and honey. Back home I decided to enroll into military service which took me on a rather interesting journey;I bonded closely with fellow country men, learning more about other cultures than ever before, shaping some pounds off physically and later more mentally tread some tough excursions and many heavy laden kilos on the feet in beautiful rural parts where Baobab trees and elephants were our daily postcards.

When the adventure was over and the mind back into 'civvy' mode I decided that it was a good time to visit that friend to ask and see what this 'bee farming thing' was all about. After a few encounters enjoying the the outdoors aspect I decided to give it a try for a year or two and see where it will lead to... little did I know!

Back home under my mom's wing this hobby started in my dad's garage. Pulling out the car to gain some work space was the norm. In this time I learned that my grand dad which was very old now always wanted to do beekeeping. He gave me his unused smoker with such gladness seeing indirectly his dream come true. After a while the garage became a shoe box and my dad offered me a space at his factory. The empty space was between two buildings; I moved in renovated and made it my first workshop. After morning sessions working with bees the late afternoons were mostly spend in the workshop doing wood work, sometimes till late at night until it got too lonely and dangerous, I suppose, to be alone by myself in an industrial area. Detours via mom's house (kitchen) after work became common practice and have made these early days memorable; thank you so much Mom for always having an open door when the stomach was punching me from the inside.

First wood workshop

The walls of the workshop have many stories to tell and have seen lots of pain, frustration, tears and many different people who worked over the years that came and went without notice. All thanks to my dad who always encouraged me and borrowed me this space to make a start!

The thought of this small idea has now become a sustainable entity; humbly reliant on our most consistent supplier, and surrounded with His mercy and grace every single day, even though I seriously fell short to seek Him with absolute diligence in the starting years.

From garage to workshop to eventually a piece of farmland. From a car that fitted 6 passengers(beehives), to a bakie, to a truck that fits over 200...

God, without Your continuous and timely encouragements and favour over random hardships, I acknowledge that my own perseverance will not have sustained me alone then; and nor in the coming future...I praise You !! 






After the stillness of a sunset we know that a new day will come and it will be by Grace only. Therefore we will not build higher walls when God gives us enough to sustain us, but build longer tables to feed back what belongs to Him.

We know God can only do what He can do, but we also know that God won't do what we can do our self. We need to show a form of activeness a desire to work with boundaries and never allow this activeness to pull us away from our spouse/families and Jesus our real and everlasting future!

We have a surrendered focus to add some services and products in the future, but always adhering to quality above quantity principles. Services are aimed at helping apiculture, expanding our farm shoppe educational yard and conveying things from the heart with eternal value. Products we have a very long awaited desire to form new product lines using all the goodness the bees offer.

All these wonderful ideas and talents will come if it is God's will to display Him! We are not overwhelmed by our goals but rather indulged in the process. God's goal is always the process. 


God my father, Jesus and Your Holy Spirit, for provision, favor, guidance and talents. Use the best in me and shape the rest, I am willingly the clay in Your gentle strong hands.

Dad and Mom for always being supportive, a role model marriage and abundant love anchored in Christ.

Sister for a great friend, real support, correcting typos and helping with many other things.

Friends that never left, your laughs, wisdom and many prayers, you all individually a unique blessing. Thank you!

My beautiful wife Janice that is a helper and equal partner... lief vir jou!!

Joshua 1:9

Xander Rautenbach


"But as for me and my house, we will serve the lord."


The Buffalo's and Xander


Our team is full, no vacancies currently.


For many the idea of a beekeeper is someone that keeps some bees on a farm or elsewhere. That's correct! What we have learned is that many people are not aware of how a commercial beekeeping operation works. The reason why commercial beekeepers have agreements with multiple property owners or farmers where they have apiary sites (bee hives) is because bees will not be able to pay a bond if you are thinking to buy land and use the bees as an income (it might, but will take a hundred++ years). Beekeeping operations also differ slightly depending on the area you stay and what your main focus is, eg. honey production, pollination services etc. Read further to see how we do things!


It is not for us to be the biggest operation, but to be the biggest and smartest we can be with a family size team & resources. We are one of the largest owner-operated type bee farms/apiaries in South Africa. Owner- operated means: We proudly do all the yearly hard, dirty, shitty tasks ourselves or work with the few that help us (we actively make a point of not shying away from any physical labour as is the norm for many).

We still want to farm and actively have to choose not to follow the trend of becoming just another office farmer (so boring) by continuously adapting our strategies. Our operation is nothing like large overseas beekeeping empires, but a more complete bee farming entity, which focuses not only on the commercial side but also on a few other aspects of beekeeping-related avenues which comes from a deep-rooted desire to plough something back to others.

The 4 main branches to our operation:

Commercial Beekeeping

This is by far our back bone that keeps all things together. Without this we would have to use many other avenues to keep going. Most of our time is spent doing work that is related to this. Once again, what we have learnt from the consumer is that they think you only take the honey from the bees and that is all you do. Well, then a dairy also only milk the cow and that's all they do. No, there is much more. Further down on this page we have a little wider explanation of this side of the operation.

Pollination load

Bottling of our produce

We've been doing this right from the starting years. Our bottling is slowly expanding and we are working on new basic products. This gives us an indirect connection to the consumer where we do our best with what we have to supply to them. We are not focused on many products, but rather keep things simple and of high quality. To mention a fact is that we could easily make 100+ bee products  and even cleverly market these, but the consumer doesn't need all this stuff, really!! Bottling etc. comes with it's many entanglements, but we manage to find ways to keep things rather simple. You can read more on our WHOLESALE page.

Farm Experience

At Apiarista we connect directly with people. Our heart behind this is to bring the consumer to the farm to make them more aware of all that bees offer and see the processing / production side of things. This is a humble, growing shop positioned in a tranquil, rustic farm atmosphere. A place where we and the coffee welcome everyone. Future additions is also a working project... growing slowly. We also sell a full range of beekeeping equipment. You can read more about our farm shop Apiarista HERE.



This is our latest branch of the entity and are developing more ideas here. With an educational farm yard experience and tours already operational, we are also working on other farm yard educational activities  and a online educational article section - all to be kept very basic to convey the essentials things. We don't keep our selves busy with highly complicated things and believe simplicity's reward is sometimes more time for yourself and others.


Farming work have a common seasonal way of doing things. Working with the four seasons every year gives a new meaning to patience through doing what is required in faith with no spectators, only to see the outcome much later and keeping us humble... on our knees.

MID WINTER (pre-season)

Our pre-season starts just after mid-year winter time when bee hives, that are needed for pollination services in spring, are gathered and moved to winter flowering vegetation or commercial crops.

Hives are transported to various locations and some go as far as a 500 km journey from home. This move results in the numbers of bees increasing during the course of their stay, making them ready for spring and early summer pollination services.

LATE WINTER (the start of our main season, August)

Before spring arrives, all hives are moved to the best  possible areas to gain maximally from the bees in spring. This will either be pollinating soft fruit, seed crops, citrus, or placing them on indigenous flora food sources.Production hives are also checked for any disease so that they have the best conditions to produce.



During this time of the year our operations circle is very wide in distance and the spectrum of flora covered. Some bees are contracted out for pollination needs or used on other crops/organic flora for honey production.


Hives are taken off early pollination crops and moved to summer/autumn positions to strengthen up after the exhausting effects of pollination services. Bees do not gather much honey or good pollen during pollination work, resulting in the colony becoming weaker.

Also, hives needed for summer pollinating crops are moved to their locations, while harvesting of honey has also started taking place in various areas where hives have been placed to gain from spring nectar- producing flowers.


Pollination is still ongoing at this stage but coming to an end as summer flowers are starting to show signs of buds. Bees still get moved to best possible positions coming from pollination. High heat conditions are a problem during some nights to move bees. Harvesting of honey taking place also on areas with a late spring bloom.


Bees are now all back in their permanent locations to gain some strength after pollination while the honey-producing colonies are hopefully gathering summer honey. Honey is harvested on areas that had a summer bloom and ideas start slowly forming on how to farm better in our next season.

AUTUMN (the end of our main season, May)

The last of the honey is harvested and hives are being prepared to go into winter time. Our season of working with the bees now mostly ends. This is also an exciting time where new ideas are now shaped and looked into as to whether they will be viable to be designed, manufactured and implemented during the off season.

WINTER (post season)

Checkup routines are done to ensure that hives are safe from pest animals/vandalism/theft and disease.

Our wood workshop is now singing some tunes as the wood gets cut into various parts to make new beehives and also repairing old ones. General yard work/improvements/vehicle repairs also get done for the next season. In general, winter is more the off-time where things are a bit more relaxed and also allowing more time to sow back to others.

4 way Pallet configuration

Working hives through late summer, taking honey and do some inspections.

Night Migration

Migrating hives: as fast as it gets, engine temp good, the night has only started, but 1st coffee stop is around the corner... happy trucking.

Citrus bloom

Citrus orchards, good honey and also plenty thieves, a watchful time of the year.

Uncapping honey

Sweet Sweat Reward....Honey Extraction

Very tired

9 O-clock view after a long night migration.

Workshop work

Workshop singing some deafening tunes.

Beehive vandalism theft

Eastern cape, South Africa...you need more than endurance.

Not even the police can help us!!

images (2).png

My first question to myself was, "why am I writing about this real feel?" Where do I start, well let’s start at ME. The word 'ME' is a very powerful word. Me has got the ability to be strong or weak, humble or prideful, selfless or self-centered, deceitful or true. What a underestimated powerful word!

For the past decade ++, being solely reliant on nature and what it throws at you, what the world throws at you and not to mention the humble fact what you throw at yourself, I will do my best to give a short, albeit slightly incomplete insight.

World's obsession... no form of wealth can ever be our security or comforter in life.

Typical conversation:

"So you a bee farmer," Yes I answer.

"Oh, okay you must make lots of money..." No, I am always praying for honey and protection and rain and, and, and."


There is a miss conception about store prices, small scale enthusiasts vs commercial and the world's obsession with appearance. My first vehicle was bought second-hand and only 9 years and 900 000 km later, I was able to buy a new (second hand) vehicle. Another little fun fact is multiply no satellite TV and no habitual social activities by only 10 years and see to what it comes to. I am not keeping up with the Joneses (nor restrict them) and this does have advantages, but more than many times do you get told directly or indirectly as the person that hides his money behind old vehicles etc. Well, if you ever need to hide money make sure it is in my bank and it's called Heaven (PS: the bank Owner is awesome).

Giving is a calculation of how little we need.

Proudly South African I am; but the theft and vandalism, the absolute destruction of beehives seeing your hard work in pieces does affect the way I sometimes say this slogan. Other difficulties such as pest animals, drought, veld fires, crop failures and pesticides used on crops can lead to complete colony losses.

It's hard and heavy work with no easy way around. A hot day is hell in a double suite all closed up and only your sweaty burning eyes are peeking out of the veil, cold nights loading a truck is uncomfortable when migrating hives, roads are becoming ever increasingly dangerous, bee stings can be fatal and definitely not always avoidable, the lack of work ethics keeps you going in a circle of  always training new people and never getting a chance to do the things that has been laid on your heart. But over the years these hundreds of theft/vandalism losses and other difficulties brought me to a better place, God I praise You!

One reward is flexibility. In one day you could be a bee farmer, vehicle mechanic, truck driver, sales rep, really any type of engineer, your own PA, arts designer and even a human resources officer. Or you could decide that today none of this is needed and you can make the day your own. You need to be a Jack of all trades if you starting from scratch with little finances. But to become Jack takes humbleness, time and many mistakes when you have no inherited farming roots and a well supported industry. I am grateful for not having much in the starting years, which led to a greater appreciation for what I have now and thankful to now know little bits about much and I am still learning.

Yes it is at times difficult. I am not sopping this up like a romantic worldly movie where butterflies are mistaken for reality that causes our minds the be subtly "conformed by the world".

But before I start feeling sorry for myself, let's for a minute think about people in slave trade working 20 hour days, 7 days a week, eating left over starch foods which is far worse off and ironically sometimes have more joy. (Remember this when things are not going our way) and I haven't even touched on their living conditions!

Q : Does ME have JOB SATISFACTION? The question that we hang around our necks and some days give way too much weight to! Once the realization manifest in you that it is not about us your focus changes from 'pity little me' to "count it all joy", because...

IT'S NOT ABOUT  ME... IT IS ALL ABOUT HE, our Shepherd...


"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow Me." - John 10:27

If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to keep this specific page short and to the point then I could've written about this paragraph all night,  even without coffee! "His faithfulness endures forever..."

How my Shepherd was always there even in the deepest pits (dug sometimes by myself) of my life, more than enough times have I not even acknowledged His mercy and His mighty hand of grace in situations that were only made known to me years later because of stubbornness at the time! God allowed all the ups and downs for His glory and if it wasn’t for all of this I will not have been on my knees submitting every part of this entity under Him; it took me years to finally submit, God owns this and I am merely the steward! I say thank You!

I have countless stories of His faithfulness and I really hold my breath in these times, not certain about the outcome, but certain of the God I am serving. To be honest, every year has got its breathtaking moments, I will be lying if I say this does not affect me, but in these times God always gives me vision for something new. Many times He needs to take away things to give vision to see things like He do.

How does the sheep get to know the Shepherds voice? Surrender every little part of self sufficiency under Him because you know His spirit leads you to green pastures that you cannot see yet, but on arrival you fall on your knees thankful for His faithfulness. Jesus without You, trusting in your faithfulness will make no sense to man. We don’t always have to figure out why He allows things, we are merely standing on the wrong side of the picture and He on the artist's side with a mighty paint brush, giving and taking away colour to His will. A life of submission to His will is what He wants. The price has been paid and we are all heading to eternity, but it is our choice on which side of eternity we going to spend it.


My Shepherd have always provided, He always will and gave me a normal functioning brain, able body and 10 degrees (fingers) what a blessing this is and even if we only produce one bottle of honey per year it doesn't bother us, because His provision comes in a different forms, and it always ends up being sweeter than the best honey ever tasted!

God you give and take away…and I choose to say blessed be the name of the Lord! Take me to deeper waters for Your name sake. "He is a rewarded of those who diligently seek him"

Life, it’s not easy and no promise said it would be, but He has overcome this world. A day could be anything therefore "put on the full armour of God," He wants to be in the center of your life to "seek first His Kingdom," "my flesh and heart will fail" but we abide in Him and His ocean of grace to attain the ultimate goal of a saint - the manifestation of Jesus in me by the power of Your spirit.

"Be still and know that I am God,"  "For He who was and is and is to come," "I will never leave you nor forsake you"

 we aiming to aid and conveying what matters most! 

We reach as we are led to various groups of people with our knowledge. Our hearts are towards the real needy to build valuable relationships based on eternal perspectives. Many areas in Africa still have some indigenous vegetation left around villages that can be reached with honey bees, meaning the keeping of bee hives could add to a additional income or food security for a group or family.

Who do we decide to help?

We are focused on the real needy. 

Enthusiast that actually want to sustain him/herself.

We are also wise on our approach, as we do not offer handouts!

How do we go about?
Our commercial bee knowledge is the key thing we convey to you in brotherly way.
We cover various different topics, supply you with information on how to do sustainable beekeeping and future growth.

What we ask?
•    Help us to get to your place
•    Supply us a roof over our heads
•    Give us some food to eat

We don’t ask to be paid at all, but kindly ask that you should cover the above.
When we know this we can make a better decision about how to get to you, duration of visit and when.

Why we do this?

This is a way for us to spent less time on our own needs and give back.

We get to meet new people, different backgrounds and different places.

We also never stop learning and are encouraged by others ingenuity.

To build relations conveying eternal perspectives.

Learning from others through their character, personalities and situations is always something to look forward to and more than many times is a humbling experience.


If you are a individual or group that want to get involved and sponsor someone with a hive, contact us!

conveying what matters most to us...

For the Christians out there: It's not how much you do or know but how much you care to follow-up with those you help. We going to be brave to say a outreach might please our souls, a feel good feeling... but actually can leave the host in a position similar or worse. To help without hurting is a difficult concept for the helper to grasp, we need to almost live in the shoes of the person/s that your reach out to, to truly get to know their heart and come alongside them to hear their vision(not ours) and help to fulfill that in a Godly way.  Let His Spirit truly lead us in our reach efforts. Then we will not be conscious of going, but rather have a unconscious going, knowing that we are the one that He has sent out. We want to be sure that we are 'Sent Out' and not just simply responding to needs.

Our knowledge in the beekeeping industry is simply another tool in the hands of our Creator. Sowing back means for us not getting anything in return!  "But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing". Our reward is in heaven, never bother to mention our name, just say we thank you God. 

We wisely reaching out to those who come into our spiritual radar and conveying Jesus(not religion, traditions, fear,) are part of our vocabulary and should be with all real Christians. Please respect us, we only living out our mandatory faith the same as other beliefs. We doing it without expectations in love, but with the hope of repentance and accepting the only one true Savior Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. We are just tent makers in this world, sowing without owing anyone and not being a burden on the body of Christ. 

A spiritual sower knows the soil has already being prepared. His faith is reckless "waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and later rain". Jesus be our well of fresh water if we get exhausted let us drink to not work more for You, but to satisfy You more, so that Your Will will manifest in our lives.

Why mention our self here on this page... is this a showcase or sow-case.?

We are merely trying to show that the sow-case is for Christ and making us aware that show castles on earth is no comparison against God's massive fortress in heaven. No treasure will ever leave this earth, shame on all our hard work "for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". 


Real Christian brothers and sisters... read below

WHAT NOT TO READ... to be updated

Commercial Pollination

Radius: 500 km

Area: Port Elizabeth to anywhere up to the Capensis boundary. 

Pre-schedule delivery: min 96, max 240 colonies (per load)

Moving Capacity: 480 colonies per week

Contracts/bookings: 10 weeks in advance

We work directly with growers, no sub-contracting sorry.

Emergency Pollination

  • min 24, max 48 colonies (higher rates)

  • 300 km radius only

  • this is a call and we deliver service (24-72 hrs for 48 unit loads)

  • bees are taken out of a production cycle

  • normal pollination fees wont substitute production loss + costs

  • bees are over worked and out of production for the rest of the season, diseases / colony deaths more prone also.

  • our normal work stops to help you.

Small scale pollination are required by some that only have a few hectares of crops/orchards. Commercial pollination will not be viable , but we might offer a free pollination service if the area will be viable for us to keep a sustainable amount hives year round. (T&C)

Pollination standard

Lets be clear and straight with you! Many beekeepers take short cuts when it comes to pollination work and hive standards. Money is at stake and where money is at stake it often means compromise.

On your right is what a hive should look like. 

  • At least 8 frames of bees when you open the lid

  • 4 frames of brood ("eggs" that will hatch during pollination)

Procedures that we adhere to

Keeping to the basics create more opportunity to focus on productivity!

  • Best possible timing of delivery

  • Truck access 24/7

  • Correct hive positioning areas (clear and flat)

  • Enough water sources

  • Competitive plants removed

  • No hive disturbances day and night

  • No sharing of crops with other beekeepers (only emergency)

  • ZERO Spraying

  • COMMUNICATION between grower and beekeeper

Too much red tape?...sorry! We are just serious about YOUR crop.


When it comes to bee removals we offer:


  • Removals to any person (urban/rural) up a 200km radius around Port Elizabeth through a respected third party bee removal specialist. 

Fill in the form below if you have some bee problems. We will do our best with our knowledge to help you and refer you to someone else to professionally assist with the rest of your query!

* This service is free to all our land owners where we have apiary sites (bee hives) in off season time+- June/July.


Don't give moving swarms (picture) a chance to settle them selves into a building or any unwanted place were they can become a life threatening risk. We offer a service to help control this annual problem at a nominal fee. Contact below!

  • Catch hives are appropriately placed on scheduled trips.

  • They are taken down at night on scheduled removal trips.

These small swarms are relocated to grow for future use.

* This service is free to all our land owners where we have apiary sites (bee hives).


We are always in need of new places to put hives due to theft, vandalism, drought, lack of food sources and slow expansion.

Landowners are generously "paid" in sweet honey regardless of whether there is a seasonal harvest from the hives or not and also have other benefits like the above services and the possibility of free pollination of small scale crops.

Our procedures:

  • We will come inspect your land if it is suitable.

  • Apiary sites are well selected and will not disturb farming or other activities. (we will rather not place hives if we think it might be in the way)

  • We need a small flat space with all year vehicle access next to hives, truck access is more preferable.

  • Sites are kept tidy at all times, only the hives and stands will be visible.

Contact us if you think you have a place for our hives, we work mostly in a 200 km radius around Port Elizabeth. Commercial beekeeping (for a living) would simply not be viable without these agreements. Thank you!

We also act as an extra eye for land owners. Some of the following is frequently reported:

  • Suspicious activity

  • Open gates

  • Snares

  • Damaged fences

  • Sick animals / Crop alerts

  • Water leaks

We make use of specialized satellite cameras to capture movements around hives and other areas. This provides great info for both beekeeper and farmer / land owner to sometimes take preventative measures before serious theft occurs. Mostly locals are involved in these activities, it is good to know what is going on around you. Lets rather be prepared than surprised!

Gates locked
"nucleus colonies"



Nucs are the easiest way to start a bee hive or to increase your existing hives. A nuc is simply a new colony that is busy starting out. We supply high standard 5 frame Nucs  with a laying queen. Ready to expand into the new season! 

We have the following Nuc options available

(min order 2 or receive less 10% for orders of 10 +)

Option 1:

New Hive - Commercial quality

5 frames of bees and a laying queen transferred into a new brood chamber with an additional 5 new frames with wax starter strips. Hive consists of floor board, brood chamber (10 frames), inner lid and telescopic lid treated with waxol.

Price R2000.00 each

Option 2: (T&C)

Customer's hive (without frames)

5 frames of bees and a laying queen transferred into a customer's hive and an additional 5 new frames with wax starter strips. 

Price R1400.00 each

T&C for customers that bring their own hives (no frames needed):

  • Hive must be clean and in good condition.

  • Hive need to seal properly, no holes bigger than 2mm.

  • Internal dimensions: 360-370mm width, 465mm length, 240mm deep, rabbet frame groove 14-16mm depth / 10-12mm width.(Based on Langstroth dimensions)

  • All hives to be delivered to our farm shop latest 2 weeks prior to pickup dates.

Pickup dates / terms:

Please note that the shop will not be open during collections! Please bring adequate equipment to transport the hives. An open vehicle is best! Collections need to happen swiftly as customers need to still hit the road, offload and open them.


Buying from us will be money well spent and the start or continuation of a relationship with integrity. We also buy bee colonies/apiaries and should beekeeping not be for you after a few years you can contact us to buy them.

Healthy brood
Queen and workers

More about our Nucs and order process

The colonies have frames of brood, pollen/honey and are ready to expand.

We carefully select queens for our nuc colonies.

Hives and frames are made to last in a commercial operation and will last many years if looked after.

We don't sell bees on old poor condition wax combs!!

All colonies are inspected by us, and will not be sold if they seem to be weak and struggling.

We only sell colonies that are actively growing in numbers and then transfer them to a brood hive about a week before the pick up date. We also inspect for common diseases during transfer.

Further development of these colonies and production of honey depends on the seasonal conditions.

DON'T use these colonies for pollination services in the first season, they will suffer severely!! (or die)

(Nuc colony sales is for the hobbyist to small scale beekeeping market)

ORDER PROCESS FOR NUCS (via email only)

All orders need to be placed and paid for during the month of June for September pick-up(recommended). If you missed that then you can still order in August for November pick-up. Your payment secures your bees. Limited amounts available.

  1. Send us your number of Nucs needed. (minimum 2)

  2. We notify you what stock we can supply.

  3. You pay the pro forma invoice.

  4. We notify you that we received the funds.

  5. We email you 3 weeks in advance to confirm the exact pick-up dates.

If you cannot attend the pick-up dates an extra fee of R200 per customer will be charged for special dates.

20% Handling fee applicable for cancellations up to 2 weeks before pick-up date. After this, sorry, no refunds!

Are you ready to keep some bees ?

  • get the basic equipment

  • join a course

  • have the right protective gear

Our farm shop Apiarista is there for the beekeeper and stocked with all you need to keep bees! 
(we only sell equipment from our shop and not via courier)

We offer a  basic course annually and we have a brochure at a small fee on how to start a colony.

Second hand hive/equipment sale during August (first come basis)


To be noted:

Care should be taken regarding from whom you buy bees.  Make sure that they are at least a reputable beekeeper with years of experience (too many will want to sell you weak colonies or colonies that just came from heavy pollination work).

Once you are the owner of a colony of bees you need to register with DAFF every 2 years (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).

Retailers / Distributors


Badgers Gold products only (we do not sell bulk honey, or other bulk bee produce)


Relevant to our product retailers and distributors, we do not sell to irrelevant to our product businesses.

We always look after our older clients first. Take note that all new clients will be limited in terms of order quantities.


Send us an email with the following info:

  • Business name

  • Business type

  • Physical address

  • Order quantity per month


  1. Send us a Purchase Order

  2. We notify you what stock we have

  3. You pay the pro forma invoice

  4. We notify you when ready for collection / delivery

Lead times:

Smaller Local & National Clients : 7-10 days (for order readiness, not necessarily delivered)

Larger Palletized Clients : 3-4 weeks

PLEASE NOTE : Lead time are directly related to the customers responsiveness and if they follow our simple order procedures correctly.

Port Elizabeth free delivery schedule operates 2-3 times a month (no deliveries +- the 1st to 10th of each month)

This message will be sent to wholesale@rautenbachapiaries.co.za




Many consumer food products started in the kitchen with a dream and a passion and even though our produce originates from nature, the bottling process also started in the kitchen, with a dream and a passion. The first decanting of honey was into strange containers that looked like butter tubs, not really honey jars at all. But that was the first honey and sold to friends, family and the starting signs of a future idea to bottle our produce.

Many years went by during which the honey bottling was shaped as it made

its way into jars and squeeze bottles, without the product having a real name, it just said "raw honey" with some relevant information. 

Around 2010, thanks to a few brainstorming sessions over our apiaries, the name, Badgers Gold, was born. Labels were done in simple black and white, but living in a rainbow nation we thought adding some colour into our lives would be a great idea for the future. We held on to the quality over quantity principle since the beginning and we're thankful that God always provided for us; even in tough times we didn't let go of this principle.


Our goal is to deliver honey as it comes from the hives; not adding anything in the process or taking anything away, making the route from the hives to your table as short as possible. Apart from honey, we also do other hive products, and are looking into developing more of it in the future.

Badgers Gold


Farmers in general are no-fuss people and this probably comes from deep rooted traits that you don't always get or have what you think you need. Our products also got this no fuss tread about it. We don't put up a show, we are just real people with some sweetness to sell. You won't find an eloquent story on our jars to play on your emotions, target higher markets or sales. Our best Salesman ever was, and will still be, God with His unending mercy and grace. Nature's best sweetener was divinely made by someone much greater than the size of the universe, thus making sure we state that this product is not about us at all. 

Our products are priced for normal people and it is not our goal to try and establish an outrageous  higher market.

Exporting is a lucrative option, but that would mean that South Africa just needs to import more irradiated honey to supply the local demand and we are already at a 80 % import level. Patriotism we find in a deep part of our hearts and really do what we have been given here, to use around us to make an impact.

Our products are so real you might even find a worker bee still floating inside a jar to cool down after a heavy day's work.  No fuss please, just scoop her out.

There is something about seeing the honey finally in the jar; knowing were it comes from, the months of waiting, praying and then finally flowers with hopefully enough nectar that would be able to give the bee hives a chance to produce excess honey for us to harvest. Looking at a bottle of honey from a producer's point of view enables you to see everything that went into creating this product, and the appreciation for it is something unique.


We are working on more info on our raw honey process, what imported honey is, etc. and will reveal it at a later stage. 

Badgers Gold
Our farm shop Apiarista is there for the walk in consumer that wants to buy directly from the farm and for their effort coming to us they can expect to be rewarded to pay somewhere between wholesale and retail prices.
(we unfortunately do not sell nationally via courier from the farm shoppe)

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 15 :00

Saturday 08:00 -12:00 (closed Sundays, public holidays & shutdown period)

info@apiarista.co.za  - 079 868 9062 (poor signal)

Our Farm Shop accepts NO CASH, only CARD PAYMENTS

Our mission at Apiarista - and the heart behind our offering - is to cultivate family unity with the thrills of outdoor adventure living, honey bee inquisitiveness and to come exchange some daily complexities for simplicity. Our aim is to create an atmosphere to attain a better understanding of the origin of our produce and to establish a deeper connection with each other as family and friends through engaging in activities in a relaxed atmosphere.







from only
R 50 p/p
incl. info session

Duration:       Half hour +/-

Booking:        YES via phone call, 2 hours in advance (not always available)

                           via email (recommended), 3 days in advance

Time:             09.00 to 14.00 Monday - Friday (not Saturdays)

Included:        Info session, tour guide & tasting

Please note :   Only available when we have 4 or more honey variants

Guaranteed:   Fun, sweet and unique

Language:      English

Price:             R 50 p/p

Group size:    Min 1, Max 20

A honey tasting that will leave you sweeter than ever before. Come experience our farm yard at Apiarista where we take you on compact tour designed to give you some insight on how a colony of bees work and end your visit with a sweet taste of their hard work... and take a jar of your favorite honey variant home.