(General T&C)

PLEASE KINDLY...let us repeat that...please KINDLY take note of the following:


  • THIS IS A FARM SHOPPE, NOT A RETAIL SHOP. It operates on our terms and not on others demands!

  • In this shop the customer is NOT always right. 

  • No Cash accepted, ONLY CARDS, all sales are final. 

  • YOU ENTER OUR PROPERTY AT YOUR OWN RISK, this means that we can't be held liable for any injuries, etc.

  • Opening and closing times are strictly adhered to. If you are late, you are late; if you are too early, just wait. 

  • If you are unhappy with the prices, please go to a retail shop and pay up to 3 times more.

  • If you are unhappy with the level of service, please sort it out with the person helping you, don’t complain afterwards or talk badly behind us, sort it out in the moment, you have a voice and we don’t have a complaints department!

  • We are open-minded and allow anyone to suggest anything to us – meaning we really welcome your thoughts!

  • Parking is at your own risk and we do not offer a porter service to your vehicle.

  • Our yard/boma is wheelchair friendly, but not the shop (yet).

  • We do not keep any medication on site.

  • No pets or any creatures allowed.

  • Our yard is family friendly, but kids still need to be supervised at all times by parents/guardians.

  • The equipment shop is NOT a “teach me beekeeping / discussion / advice shop”. This is simply not a service we offer. The team at Apiarista sells equipment and a short description about the products. What we do offer is a basic beekeeping course and a beekeepers desk information console with lots of info and a how to get started booklet.

  • Make sure of what you buy, ask about the products and test the equipment! We do not take returns.

  • Apiarista is run by a team, not managers. Should you have unresolved queries/suggestions about any service or product, please contact us via email. info@apiarista.co.za We will do our best to help you within reasonable time. Xander & Janice are available people. If you need to have a meeting with them please make contact via email first. If the matter is of interest, they would gladly meet with you at the shop for further discussion or settle the matter via email or the phone. Thank you!

We have the right to refuse to serve you if your behavior is rude towards us or any visitor. You may come back another day if you can be kind again or not to come back at all is also ok with us.

REMEMBER if you want to support a shop you must also support their rules, otherwise you are merely a self-centered / my way or no way person. (please note that we did mention above "we welcome your thoughts")

Once again, kindly take note of the above T & C, if this offends in anyway please read again slowly!


OUR BELIEFS FOR THOSE THAT WONDER: We are reborn Christians. Living out our beliefs and sharing the real gospel simplicity and freedom in Jesus Christ are mandatory not optional! Please just respect that and likewise we always respect any other beliefs/views, but always want to ask the simple question...why do you believe what you believe, what is your basis? We love sharing our understanding of the authenticity of the word of God (The Bible, our guide) in the hope that you can grasp for yourself what the REAL TRUTH is.

Photography  allowed, but to copy and paste our creativity and offerings will cut us. Please just enjoy visiting us, thank you!