This is story of a journey that will always be in an organic progress with the outcome at peace.

The shop started like most things: small. First as an equipment shop to supply other beekeepers with basic equipment and clothing and then came the idea of having some type of coffee shop alongside it. The idea was like looking at a  book with only a single word on the cover; you think you know what’s inside the book by reading the title, but will never be exactly sure until you pick it up and listen to the Authors words.

Sprouted from small steps, the shop was remodelled and re-built in 2016 to start adding some coffee to its services. To ‘grow slow’ was our motto and still is, not rushing ahead in the book but to listen to what the Author is pointing out. While the coffee shop was busy finding its roots, it slowly involved in a farm yard that grew from hearts that wanted to give something back to people, an atmosphere for all to enjoy and to learn something. A place where there is no fee to enter, accessible to all and for the coffee the customers can even pay what they feel they can afford on the day. Time went by and ideas came together with learnt knowledge, ideas that we can’t take the credit for! They are loved and used by our visitors... some free or at a little fee.

Be expected to bee amazed. We don't look around to copy and paste, we patiently wait and humbly create! Apiarista Bee Farm will grow more – but remember, slowly - into much more than what it currently is. Come grow with us... it's a beautiful journey.

From behind the scenes: Apiarista is situated on a working farm and uniquely partly visible to the public for a real bee farm experience. The managers xander & janice and their seasonal helpers, thank every single client – from all walks of life - for all your support. We do our best to bring you a place of real rest. The Owner our God, thank you for a daily journey with your Spirit and that we have the freedom + simplicity through your Son Jesus Christ, showing us the cost of a Christ-centered instead of a self/social-centered faith.

OUR BELIEFS FOR THOSE THAT WONDER: The short answer John 14.6

We are reborn Christians that is living out our belief and like to share the non-religious real gospel simplicity and freedom in Jesus Christ! Please respect our beliefs and likewise we always respect others beliefs/views. Come share with us, we would love to listen and may ask...why do you believe what you believe, what is your basis? Our basis is the Word of God, The Bybel, 66 books, written by 40 authors, over a 2000 year period and the only book ever written in history that accurately predicted the future(the coming of Jesus) and currently many world events as they busy unfolding.