Raw honey



Unfortunately the general consumer is very uneducated when it comes to honey. When it looks shiny and has all the right words and labels on the shelves it means it is the real thing, right? No, unfortunately it is not always like that. And when honey is all crystallized then there must be a problem? The only problem is that there is a wrong perception about honey as well as a lack of knowledge.

We are in the process of creating a page to explain to the crowds what honey is really about. People have been riding this raw honey wave and placed the consumer at a financial disadvantage. People need to be made aware that you don't need to pay double/triple/four times the amount for raw honey. Some can hide their hidden agendas behind the ever growing phrase 'it's only clever marketing', or you can simply call it 'deceiving people to gain more'. Watch this space...

Once the honey is harvested we bring it to the farm for cold extraction from the honey combs via a centrifuge​. The result is Raw Honey. This is a mixture of honey, wax and propolis that we allow to settle for a few days in large tanks. The natural process now happens where most of the wax floats to the top and the raw honey below is bottled or sold as tap honey. 

Bees wax is also obtained from the extraction process which is used to make various products.