"nucleus colonies"



Nucs are the easiest way to start a bee hive or to increase your existing hives. A nuc is simply a new colony that is busy starting out. We supply high standard 5 frame Nucs  with a laying queen. Ready to expand into the new season! 

Nucs not available every season email in advance

(min 2 , max 5 per customer)

We supply Nucs only in new hives

5 frames of bees and a laying queen transferred into a new brood chamber with an additional 5 new frames with wax starter strips. Hive consists of floor board, brood chamber (10 frames), inner lid and telescopic lid treated with waxol.

Price: R2000.00 each

Additional hive parts available on request

Pickup date/time

The colonies have frames of brood, pollen/honey and are ready to expand. 

We carefully select queens for our nuc colonies.

We don't sell bees on old poor condition wax combs!!

All colonies are inspected by us, and will not be sold if they seem to be weak and struggling.

We only sell colonies that are actively growing in numbers and then transfer them to a brood hive about a week or two before the pick up date. We also inspect for common diseases during transfer.

ORDER PROCESS FOR NUCS (via email only)

All orders need to be placed and paid for during the month of June for September pick-up(recommended). If you missed that then you can still order in August for November pick-up. Your payment secures your bees. Limited amounts available.

  1. Send us your number of Nucs needed. (minimum 2)

  2. We notify you what stock we can supply.

  3. You pay the pro forma invoice.

  4. We notify you that we received the funds.

  5. We email you 3 weeks in advance to confirm the exact pick-up dates.

If you cannot attend the pick-up dates an extra fee of R200 per customer will be charged for special dates. 20% Handling fee applicable for cancellations up to 2 weeks before pick-up date. After this, sorry, no refunds!

5 Frames of bees
Healthy brood
Queen and workers

Further development of these colonies and production of honey depends on the seasonal conditions.

DON'T use these colonies for pollination services in the first season, they will suffer severely!! (or die)


Buying from us will be money well spent and the start or continuation of a relationship with integrity. We also buy bee colonies/apiaries and should beekeeping not be for you after a few years you can contact us to buy them. Please note we buy back at less 20% + depreciation(if applicable)

Care should be taken regarding from whom you buy bees.  Make sure that they are at least a reputable beekeeper with years of experience (too many will want to sell you weak colonies or colonies that just came from heavy pollination work).

Once you are the owner of a colony of bees you need to register with DAFF every 2 years (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).