Can you hear it? That's the kettle whistling at the top of it's lungs, boiling to serve you a good cup. Come and exchange daily complexities for countryside simplicity, where you can even hand-grind your own coffee beans and watch while we brew... for that special one called You!

Also serving tea, hot chocolate, instant coffee, cold soft drinks & free farm rain water.





don't have wi-fi

SIMPLICITY... ah nice


We offer coffee our way! You pay what you like or feel on the day! (please don't pay us too much) Keep those extra Rands for when you need them when buying coffee elsewhere at an outrageous price. These days a cup of coffee costs the price of a meal in a corner cafe. Yes, do you hear that!! Cup = a meal...ridiculous. But that is just our view - take from it what you like. We feel that there is no need for this when you visit us. Pay us what you heart is telling you, or if you feel that today I can't afford to pay, we will gladly make you a cup, making sure that no one is excluded from having a cup whilst visiting us.


I, Xander, would like to share a short story. Many years ago when the fancy coffee started to make me a snob (for a brief time), I visited a person that offered me coffee. I said no thanks I would rather take some tea. My reason was simply that the coffee (that was the best he had) was simply not good enough for me. Although my childhood years were marked with the exact same coffee. For the next year or two afterwards, this thought of someone offering me the best he has and me rejecting it was hanging over me and challenging me. This lead to an appreciation for instant coffee and for people that drink it. There is simply nothing wrong with instant coffee and it should not be labelled as in today's culture (especially in middle and upper class societies) as some form drink that is now only meant for the lower class societies.

SO THEN... When it comes to real coffee, strong black & no sugar is my favourite, but instant with milk and 2 sugars still takes me back to many memories of bush camping and childhood days and the taste is still unique.

Apiarista offer visitors real coffee or instant, making sure that everyone enjoys a cup his/her way :)

This is our wifi hotspot, password: talk